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“I can’t imagine my life without all that i have learned I will never go back to the way i was living.”

-Patricia Burciaga

Why work with HEALTHJAR?

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What makes HEALTHJAR Different?

Our philosophy of providing education on innovative ways to integrate superfoods and Lifehacks into a lifestyle for everyone to sustain and thrive. Longevity practices are our methods of merging ideal concepts to assist men, women, and children to have a breakthrough and inspire the families they love.

What Others Are Saying

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“The most significant overall change I have noticed has been feeling confident and more self-secure in my own skin”

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together we design your path of Nutrition Mobility and Mindset

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Longevity lifestyle coaching. One on One, or with Your Team (family)we improve the health and well-being of your lives

Go beyond Knowing to Knowing How to support positive lifestyle change Supercharging your Life and Business to the next level

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What’s Included?

All Clients Can Expect the Following:


Personal Nutritional Guide lines


Specific Activity regiment


Group coaching


One on one coaching


Gain real world tools to recharge your life with a plan to achieve your ideal physical form and feel Body Proud at any stage of your transformational experience.


Pretox environmental modification- elimination of toxins and health suppressing agents in your home and workplace


Learn cutting-edge science life hacks and bio-hacking strategies to provide you with the exact plan to take you to the next level, including a nutrient dense meal plan and full body exercise plan.


Master brain boosting exercises to instantly reduce your body’s overall stress load, give you more clarity, upgrade your memory, improve your focus, and see better results in every area of your life.

About Us

Meet Your Coaches

Our Love Affair with Health and Wellness was our first attraction to each other. We have a passion for helping others, learning, and personal growth. We also have the natural ability to make it look easy and inspire others to do the same.
We are dedicated to discovering truths with advanced systems of living rooted in tried and tested products. We are most interested in nutrition and philosophies that are good for the earth and humanity.
Throughout our lives, people have often asked if we had any books, apps or a website that presented the knowledge and products that we used daily.
With love and integrity, we aspire to support and facilitate true transformation in others. With this in mind, we developed the Healthjar Vital Family System (VFS) which is centered on Longevity practices in health, wellness, beauty, superfoods, regenerative medicine, nutraceuticals, nootropics, life hacks, inspired movement, play, stress-reduction, and balance in all aspects of life.
Trendsetting a movement with energy and clarity of vision, we can maximize your health and thrive. Healthjar nutrition and lifestyle behavior programs have transformed the lives of hundreds of people and counting.
If you want to become the perfect version of yourself, gain a fair advantage in life, maximize results, and supercharge your performance. Welcome, let’s get started.

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